Connecting your world

With Simple Connect we can connect you to the world of the Internet.

We offer the following services

  • Fiber connection
  • LTE Connections
  • Mobile connections
  • Wireless -PTP connections
  • Satellite Connections

High-speed internet is a foundational element for successful remote work, enabling seamless communication, efficient collaboration, and smooth access to online resources and tools. It contributes to a more productive and satisfying work-from-home experience

Enable remote working

Increasing work flexibility such as like allowing agents to work from home Actually this increases productivity. Employees work better when they are at their comfortable space like their house. Remunerating your agents with the capacity to work remotely expands the profitability of your remote workers, and it likewise motivates the agents in your physical contact center to raise their own efficiency

Software Applications

Software programmes, mobile softphone applications, and Web browser calling

Live chat & Call

Statistics show more than half of all customers prefer to chat with someone in real-time! Installing a live chat solution on your website will not only improve customer satisfaction, it will also increase your lead conversions. But what if a query becomes too hard to handle over chat? Enter Live Chat. By integrating live chat with your phone system, website visitors can chat with agents in real time, and can switch to a live call or video call in a single click – with no dialling of phone numbers. How’s that for customer service? What’s more you get to keep all your communication on one platform, including chats coming through your business website and Facebook pages. Watch conversion rates and customer satisfaction skyrocket. Save on admin time, and monthly software subscriptions!

Call Centre Solutions

Amid the hustle and bustle of your growing business, there’s no time to manually trace each customer communication through different channels and weave them together. And there’s no time to engage in a complex implementation of something new. You need an SMB customer service solution that lets you hit the ground running. A cloud contact center solution offers businesses like yours exactly what you need. You’ll get time-saving automation, visibility into your entire team’s performance and the tools necessary to grow your customer base.

Call Dailer Campainer

Rock your campaigns with a powerful preview dialer, presenting contact information before the agent initiates the call.
Optimise campaign results
Maximise agent productivity Improve customer experiences

Call Recording

"On the fly in the sky"
We store ALL your voice records live and in the cloud for up to 60 Months*
Call recording for staff training , legal purposes and quality monitoring.
No More records hosted on-site
Automatically Backup
Avalible 24 / 7 / 365